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Support, Teaching, and Sales are our specialties!


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Troubleshooting and Technical Support
One primary aspect of our consulting services are focused on fixing things that aren't right. Our services include technical support through visits to your office or home (house calls) for troubleshooting, technical support, hardware repair, and software and operating system assistance (both troubleshooting and fixing, as well as user assistance).  Virus removal, spyware and other malware removal, routine system maintenance, system upgrading (hardware or software), data transfers, data backups, setting up or correcting internet connections, assisting with e-mail, creating small home networks to medium-size business networks, troubleshooting networks, organizing files, and general user support are also tasks which we routinely perform at our client's sites.  Additionally, we are often called upon to provide technical support by telephone, e-mail, or remote connection, because we are often able to troubleshoot specific problems quickly, without even having to come to you.  (Particularly for our clients thousands of miles away, this is often the best option!) 

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Teaching and Training
    In addition to technical support, we are proud of our ability to teach and train computer users in using their software and hardware better, as well as teaching them how to troubleshoot their own issues.  We consider a successful client relationship one in which the customer needs to call us less and less!  Trainings are almost always done informally during every service call (watching along is encouraged!); we also provide formal lessons on most software packages, for individuals as well as groups.  

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    We offer a variety of programming services, such as creating web sites, performing database programming, handling data conversions, and the like.  We would be glad to see if our skills and expertise are a match for your needs.

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Decision and Pre-Purchase Recommendations and Support
    Many of our clients come to us with a need that they are not sure how to address, or they desire to upgrade to a better product but are unsure of where to turn.  They tell us it is sometimes hard to know which advertisements to trust, or even what product specification mean and which details are important. We help clients understand how various products might meet needs in different ways, and offer product and service research and recommendations.  We do this not only in regards to products we sell or services we might provide, but also as an un-biased resource in relation to other products and services that our clients will obtain from others.  Many people have reported that one of the best services we have rendered to them has been to simply explain the jargon and provide meaningful alternatives, so that they could make wise decisions for themselves.  We have special experience in configuring systems for going overseas, particularly Africa and harsh environments.

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Sales and Setup
    We are pleased to be able to sell and provide installation of quality products--not just new computer systems, but also upgrades (components, memory), peripherals (printers, scanners, backup devices, and so forth), software, and supplies.  Many clients have started with us, and have kept returning over the years as they are ready for more.  Please see our Products page for more information.

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    Our services are provided according to the following fee schedule, unless other arrangements are negotiated prior to appointments.  In general, initial support for items purchased from us is provided at no charge.  Telephone and e-mail support, particularly for established clients, is also available (especially for those clients who are at a distance), and our policy is that tech support involving only brief calls (about 5 minutes) is given at no charge (free).  For issues more involved than a brief call, usual service rates (and usual discounts) apply.


Standard Support services, covering technical support, trouble-shooting (hardware and software, system failures, viruses, etc.), and decision-making support, include an appointment at your location ("house call") at a time convenient to both us and you, if applicable (or, at times, a telephone consultation, as we are able to do a majority of our troubleshooting with distant clients remotely).  There is no extra charge for evening appointments. 

AVAILABILITY:  Typically within 1-5 days.

HOURLY RATE:  $150.00/hr (-hour minimum).

TRAVEL:  Within 15 miles: no charge.  Over 15 miles: negotiable.*


Priority Support services include all the benefits of Standard Service, but applies to service calls that are urgent and require an immediate response, and/or need to be made at times not normally available for appointments.  (This is the "we-drop-everything-to-help-you-right-now" service). 

AVAILABILITY:  Typically under 2 hours, most often an immediate response.

HOURLY RATE:  $198.00/hr (1 hour minimum).

TRAVEL:  Within 15 miles: no charge.  Over 15 miles: negotiable.*


Our Educational Services are customized to your needs, covering everything from Windows and standard office applications to custom programs and web site administration and maintenance, tailored to your particular tasks.

RATES:  Fees for teaching/training sessions vary according to the size of the group and the content of the classes (whether standard lesson content, or specialized content based on your organization's specific needs).  Please contact us for custom quotations. 


Our Programming Services, including web site creation and administration, database customization, and the like, begins with a consultation to determine your needs and desires, as well as a proposed time frame for the completion of the project (and/or various stages, depending upon complexity).  After a proposal is agreed upon, work commences according to the agreement.

HOURLY RATE:  Generally, $150.00/hr; Per-Project Rates are also an option.

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Standard Discounts
Courtesy Discounts are normally extended for the following categories of customers.  In special circumstances, additional need-based discounts may be available on a case-by-case basis (sliding scale), but these should be negotiated prior to arranging for services.

Standard Discounts Currently Offered:

bulletIndividuals (up to 50% discount)
bulletFaith Communities  (up to 50% discount)
bulletNon-Profits  (up to 40% discount)
bulletSliding Scale/Income-based (additional need-based discounts may be available)


*Travel costs are are nominally based on distances and travel time from our offices in Palmyra, Pennsylvania. Factors include the published IRS rates for mileage and/or actual expenses, and the time necessary to reach your location.  Typical travel costs for the East Coast would be half of the usual consulting fee (including discounts) for time spent enroute. For other area of the world, and for unusual situations, negotiable travel costs are based on a combination of distance and time, plus expectations of the length of the consulting work (a longer working relationship may result in reduced or no travel costs).  Please contact us with your specific needs and location for a firm quote.

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